Councillors opposed to Quiet Man Greenway should visit Waterford says Cannon

Galway county councillors who oppose the Quiet Man Greenway should take up the advice to visit the Waterford Greenway and see its benefits to local communities, according to Minister for the Diaspora and International Development, Ciaran Cannon.

Minister Cannon says that if they do not do so, the councillors are basing their views on what they think rather than what they know.

He says; “The reality is that the rail review will conclude in a matter of months. When it draws the conclusion - as many believe will happen - that a reopening of the Western Rail Corridor would be ill-advised, we will be left with a situation whereby the former rail line continues to cry out for a purposeful use.

“We will also have some serving councillors who support a phantom economic entity and who are basing their views, moving forward, on what they think rather than what they know. As a result, a major economic opportunity for east Galway will continue to be led on a long walk down a short plank."



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