City councillor says lighting needed on back promenade walkway

Galway City West councillor Donal Lyons has again raised with the Galway City Council the issue of the installation of public lighting along the back Promenade from Blackrock to the caravan park.

Cllr Donal Lyons said; “Since the back Prom was repaired following the storms of 2014, I was instrumental in having the Galway City Council install ducting while the repairs were underway. The installation of the ducting would assist with the installation of the lighting.

“Since then, I have been campaigning to have public lighting installed. I have secured the necessary funding which is now in place and is ring fenced for this project. However, it appears that National Parks and Wild Life Service has objections to the installation of the public lighting due to the fact that part of the area is an special area of conservation.

“I am now asking the chief executive of the Galway City Council to make the installation of the lighting a priority. I have requested that he initiate talks with the National Parks and Wild Life Service so that their reservations and objections can be overcome, which would lead to the installation of the public lighting. The funding is also in place for public lighting to be installed in South Park from the entrance to the Martin Connolly causeway to the Galway Rovers building.

“Both walkways are an extension of the Promenade walk and are a very important amenity. The installation of public lighting on the walkway will add significantly to the amenity aspect particularly in the winter months. I regularly walk this route to the Promenade from my home, and over the years I have had many representations to have public lighting installed.”


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