Election comes at pivotal moment for Galway, says Soc Dem candidate Crowley

Social Democrats candidate John Crowley has said that this election comes at a pivotal moment in the history of Galway city and county and offers the electorate an opportunity to take stock of where we are.

Quoting his party colleague Niall O Tuathail, John Crowley says that Galway has morphed into a small city - but we’re stuck with the services of a town.

“I believe this is one of the pivotal moments where we need to take stock of where we are as a city and as a county. A mere glance at recent issues exposes the truth we are not on the right path. Increased homelessness, the housing crisis, notorious traffic choking our roads -

“It’s too easy to be cynical, too easy to shout from the sidelines. In this country we make it far from easy to get involved in our political process.. As I certainly can attest from the last six months.

“It takes roughly 15 minutes to vote, 15 minutes that will determine who represents you, your family, friends and neighbours for the next five years.

“Let’s get energised, Let’s get organised, let’s get out there and make sure progressive candidates such as my party colleagues Owen Hanly and Sharon Nolan get an opportunity to share our vision of a more inclusive, fairer Ireland.

“Fortunately I truly believe that real change is on the horizon.The last few years watching more and more people getting involved in our community.

“Registering people to vote, fighting for causes that are close to their hearts and also marching and raising money for causes that affect their friends and fellow citizens. Diverse groups rising up after a century of being ignored or suppressed from expressing themselves or getting involved.

“This is their moment and they are embracing it and I will fight every day to make sure that their voices are heard. They are not running against something.. They are running for something.

“Their futures.

“And so am I,” he concluded


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