Sewerage is threatening Clifden’s tourism industry says Healy Eames

Clifden should be the subject of a special study on Government neglect, particularly the neglect of key infrastructural investment, which is threatening the town’s tourist industry.

This is the view of Fine Gael senator Fidelma Healy Eames who was commenting following a recent meeting hosted by the Clifden Chamber of Commerce.

“Tourism is Clifden’s factory,” she said. “It delivers millions in tax revenue to the exchequer every year. Yet the reality is tourism, Clifden’s key industry, is totally threatened by the neglect of key infrastructural investment by the Government.”

She said the main infrastructural neglect was in the areas of sewerage, water, and roads. She said despite repeated warnings by the EPA, raw sewage continues to be pumped into Clifden bay and as a result no one can swim in it.

“Only two-thirds of the water supply is treated,” Sen Healy Eames said. “If this was contaminated it could spell disaster for the town. The roads are in an appalling state, both the main artery of the N59 as well as Bridge Street and Church Hill in Clifden. It is time Clifden’s concerns were heard and addressed.”


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