Let MidWestern Networks be your ‘in house’ IT support

MidWestern Networks (MWN ) is a Tuam based IT installation and support service. It is owned and managed by John Root, a Microsoft-qualified network technician specialising in physical network design and cloud technologies.

MWN also has other technicians who do other specific roles in support or installations. MWN’S mission is to provide IT services to small and medium enterprises who do not have their own ‘in house’ IT support personnel.

The main services offered by MWN:

IT system reviews for business efficiency and security.

European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ) compliance.

Data security reviews.

Cloud systems.

IT network design and installation.

IT system reviews: Does your business use the right tools? The wrong systems slow down the business. Obsolete systems can have serious security issues.

European GDPR. The GDPR sets out the principles for harvesting and storage of an EU citizen’s personal data. Breaches of this rule can incur huge fines. GDPR came into effect from May 25, 2018.

Data security reviews. How secure is your company data from hackers, malicious employees or simple system failure?

Cloud systems. Putting data on ‘the cloud’ is simply remote storage or network services hosted on via an external data link- often via the internet.. There are lots of advantages to this but many server disadvantages as well. MWN can assist and advise in the suitability of these services.

IT network design and installation. MWN can design and install the IT systems for a complete new office.

For further information contact John Root on 087 3587997 or email [email protected]


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