Councillors say gardai should make more effort to prosecute law-breaking cyclists

Galway city councillors have raised concerns whether enough is being done to tackle offences committed by cyclists in the city.

Councillors were presented with a report by Garda Chief Superintendent Tom Curley at Monday’s JPC meeting at City Hall, which said the number of recorded cyclists’ crimes for 2018 was 23 down on 43 per cent from 2017.

Fine Gael councillor Pádraig Coneely described the figure of 23 as “very low”.

Cllr Conneely said; “If you go down the street you would see 23 on the footpaths. You meet bicycles coming to you on a one-way street. I believe they should get points. I find the figure very low.”

Galway City West councillor Donal Lyons said the gardaí should make more of an effort to stop cyclists who are breaking the law.

“I would like more of an effort [from the gardaí]. I have seen guards letting cyclists go pass them on Shop Street. It is illegal to cycle on footpaths, the promenade, and pedestrianised areas. People say it is a small thing but small things become big things.”

Independent councillor Terry O’Flaherty said it was a big concern about cyclists who have no lights and wear dark clothing.

However, People Before Profit candidate for Galway City Central Joe Loughnane argued the city does not provide enough safe cycle lanes for cyclists which contributes them cycling on footpaths.

Mr Loughnane said; “If anyone walked in [to the chamber now] they would think we hate cyclists. Delivery cyclists have no regulation, no contracts, so they are doing their best to reach their destination [as quickly as possible] in order to keep their jobs.

“We have huge congestion in the city. We need more cycle lane ways. This is just one aspect. We need to think about easing congestion and not just bash cyclists.”


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