Job vacancies in Galway increase

It is good news for jobseekers as Galway experiences a growth in job vacancies.

According to the new report carried out by, Galway saw an increase of five per cent in job vacancies for the third quarter of 2018.

The growth in the county's job vacancy rate mirrors the national trend, with 23 of the 26 counties seeing a upward curve.

The data, according to Safann MacCarthy, European marketing director at suggests that Ireland’s economy is robust and growing.

“More job vacancies are a strong indicator that Ireland’s economy remains on an upwards trajectory. Businesses are confident, investing in growth and in doing so, creating jobs.”

However, in spite of the growth, Galway job vacancy rates lag behind other counties with large urban populations including Dublin (up 19 per cent ), Waterford (up 27 per cent ), Sligo (up 15 per cent ), and Kilkenny (up 10 per cent ).

Out of the 23 counties that recorded an increase in job vacancy rates, Galway came in second last with Limerick propping up the pile with a two per cent growth.


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