Gary Matthews - Personal Injury Solicitor

After qualifying as a solicitor and becoming a member of the Law Society of Ireland, the governing body of solicitors in Ireland, in 1995, Gary Matthews started his practice as a solicitor. His solicitors practice has its offices in the centre of Dublin and in Newry (Northern Ireland ) and deals exclusively in the Republic of Ireland with Personal Injury claims, which includes Road Traffic accidents, Slips and falls, Trips, Work accidents and Injuries, Medical Negligence and Accidents abroad.

All Personal injury claims have to be submitted to the Injuries Board (PIAB ) in Ireland, for assessment and ordinarily, you do not need the help of a Personal Injury Solicitor to do so. However Gary Matthews will explain to you very important reasons why you should get his help in submitting your Personal Injury claim.

Medical Negligence claims however do not go through the Injuries board at all in order to make a claim. All Medical professionals, whether they be Surgeons or Doctors or Consultants or GP’s or Nurses or Technicians or Dentists or Home Helps or Nursing home staff etc have a “Duty of Care” to the people that they look after and when there is a gap in the “Duty of Care” then you may be able to make a Medical Negligence claim. Medical Negligence claims are difficult to assess and generally speaking take much longer than Personal Injury claims.

The Law Society of Ireland do not allow Solicitors to advertise No Win No Fee agreements for their clients. However, most Personal Injury Solicitors do offer No Win No Fee agreements. No Win No Fee agreements mean very simply that you will only pay your Personal Injury Solicitors fees unless they win your Personal Injury claim. If you unfortunately lose your claim you will pay your solicitor nothing. You should also note that you will find on every Personal Injury website the following statement *”In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement”. This means basically that Solicitors may only charge you a fee based on the work that they do for you and are not allowed to take a percentage of any award to you or a success fee.

Gary Matthews Solicitors is considered as one of the market leaders in Ireland and Gary has installed in the firm a strong success mentality based on his values of independence and impartiality. The client, he insists, is to be treated exceptionally and Gary is very strong on Customer service. He wants his clients to go through the whole process as stress-free and as straightforward manner as possible. He can be reached from Galway to Dublin quickly and easily.

Gary is a family man and he is very interested in Sport. That means most sports but in particular, the GAA, Horse racing and Dog racing are followed keenly. He also loves to travel abroad and has a very soft spot for Italy.

His experience and expertise has enabled him to win over 95% of his personal injury and medical negligence cases. Contact him now with any questions you have He will be happy to explain to you in detail the many positive reasons why clients select Gary Matthews to help them.

Gary Matthews Solicitors can be reached online on any of his websites and also on the following sites and



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