Peace vigil in Galway for Yemen conflict

GAAW demands Irish Government 'call a halt to its collusion in this slaughter'

The civil war in Yemen has devastated the country and its people; saw European powers sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, one of the players in the conflict; and yet the conflict has received very little attention internationally.

The Galway Alliance Against War is organising a peace vigil and petition regarding the Yemen war, for this Saturday between 1pm and 2pm at the junction of Shop Street and Mainguard Street.

The petition is directed at Government TDs in both Galway constituencies, and asks why Ireland is supporting genocide in Yemen, and demanding that all US military traffic through Ireland and Irish airspace cease immediately.

The group was also critical of what is called “the hypocrisy” and “crocodile tears” of Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney, about so-called “illegal immigrants entering the USA”, when “Ireland is an accessory to genocide in Yemen”.

GAAW spokesperson, Niall Farrell, said: “Today the only supply line for food and medicines to the starving people of Yemen is the port of Hodeidah. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are now attacking this city with US weaponry that was transported via Shannon airport and Irish airspace. If Simon Coveney has any real concern about human rights abuse, then US warplanes should be stopped travelling through Ireland. That would be a genuine action rather than playing to the cameras with his crocodile tears.”

Mr Farrell described what is happening as genocide. He said 80 million Yeminis are “on the brink of starvation”, while 18 out of 26 million Yemenis live in the mountainous heartlands. “There is little agriculture. The only supply line from the outside world, the port of Hodeidah, is in the process of being cut off,” he said. “Should the UAE forces be able to take the port they are unlikely to allow aid to pass towards the Houthi controlled areas. There will be a huge famine, hundred of thousands if not millions will die. It is high time the Irish Government called a halt to its collusion in this slaughter.”



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