Guaranteed one gigabyte fibre to the home at Lakeview Hill, Bushypark

Homes at Lakeview Hill, Bushypark, to come with 1,000Mb direct fibre optic capability.

Homes at Lakeview Hill, Bushypark, to come with 1,000Mb direct fibre optic capability.

Selling agent Martin Gohery of Gohery Properties reports the fully serviced sites for sale at Lakeview Hill, Bushypark, now come with 1,000Mb direct fibre optic capability to the home.

Lakeview Hill in Bushypark has just been provisioned with the fastest internet capability possible to residential sites currently for sale at this location in Bushypark, ensuring the internet speeds are comparable to the fastest available residential speeds anywhere in the world.

Martin Gohery says Lakeview Hill is the first residential location in Galway city to be provided with the capabilities to deliver a guaranteed uncompromised 1Gb fibre to the home (FTTH ) broadband speed to every residential site.

Fibre-optic cables send information using optical, or light-based, technology which transmits data at the speed of light. Fibre internet allows the homeowner to connect hundreds of devices to the internet at once without disruption, simultaneously download an HD movie in less than 30 seconds, download hundreds of songs in three seconds, and more.

Mike Maguire, director of TreeTopHill Developments, says this is a "very exciting development at Lakeview Hill".

"It is predicted the data demands of ‘smart living’ could require this speed of broadband within five years, as 4K video content, video chatting, cloud storage access, and streaming, in particular, become part and parcel of everyday family life. Gone are the days when internet is used for research or just plain emails. Now, it is a source of entertainment, news, communication, and a medium for work for those who prefer to work at home.”

Martin Gohery of Gohery Properties says this breakthrough FTTH capability at Lakeview Hill will make this location an even more desirable place for families to build their dream home.

"The infrastructure and service provision delivered at this location by TreeTopHill Developments is outstanding. This new feature now complements these half-acre residential sites with stunning panoramic views of Galway city, Lough Corrib and Galway Bay.

"All sites have full planning permission for circa 5000sqft architecturally designed homes, with quality roadways, foot-paths, street-lights, amenity areas and all this within 10 minutes walking distance of NUIG, UCHG and 25 minutes walk from Eyre Square.”

He says Lakeview Hill Management Company will ensure the current high standards of maintenance are continued throughout the development as more unique homes are built on these "magnificent" plots.

Further details are available at or by contacting Martin Gohery at 091 790001 or 086 173 0171.



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