Vicky Phelan to be guest speaker at first of Oxygeneration talks next week

The recently opened OxyGeneration clinic in Galway is to hold a series of free public talks over the next month, featuring well known speakers such as Vicky Phelan and Prof Dympna Waldron, Prof of Palliative medicine GUH/NUI Galway.

The series starts next Wednesday June 20 running from 7pm to 8.30pm at the Oxygeneration Clinic at Merchant Roads with Professor Dympna Waldron from Subjective Life Choices; and Vicky Phelan.

Guest speakers in the following weeks will include successful Galway minor manager Jeff Lynskey, and chartered physiotherapists Ciaran Coyle and Maria Farrell Galway Bay Physio.

OxyGeneration is a private, purpose built 14-seat Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT ) clinic. In the first 5 weeks since opening clients of OxyGeneration have become strong advocates for OxyGeneration. In this period referrals from doctors have been for fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, non-healing wounds, stroke rehabilitation, memory loss following stroke, chronic headaches, wheelchair pressure injuries, chronic wound infection, chronic kidney infection, high blood pressure, brain injury following stroke, diabetic foot syndrome, back pain from accident, chronic joint inflammation and pain from old bone injuries, musculoskeletal issues, Shaking hands similar to Parkinson’s Disease, Exhaustion, Adjunct to cancer treatment, Various sports injuries including hamstring.

Other healthcare professionals and clients, including doctors have taken treatments for rejuvenation of memory, well-being, energy following child birth, increased sexual function, improved skin condition or came simply to have the experience.

The OxyGeneration clinic is a state of the art facility for delivering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the self healing process of the body can be dramatically enhanced. The HBOT delivers oxygen under pressure and forces the body to dissolve up to 700% more oxygen than normal. This allows more oxygen to pass into the smallest tissues that might otherwise be starved of oxygen and blood flow.

Modern biotechnologies have facilitated SPECT and PET imaging and the microscopic video study of stem cells has demonstrated that HBOT burns glucose, increases stem cell production and clears out toxins. It can help with inflammation and infection by promoting the formation of new blood vessels in the body allowing more oxygen to be carried into the tissues.

A single treatment takes 75 minutes and you can read, relax or work on your laptop the number of treatments required varies according to the condition being treated. OxyGeneration is used as an adjunct therapy for beauty and skin wellness, dermatology, memory loss and positive ageing, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, diabetic foot syndrome, serious infectious processes, radiation tissue damage, elevation of stem cell production after chemotherapy, non healing pressure injuries, sports injuries, speed recovery after surgery and inflammation.

OxyGeneration Clinic is based on Merchant’s Road, Galway H91 YX82 and is open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am -1pm. You can call the clinic on 091 394444 to book today.


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