Referendum is about abortion on demand, says Galway For Life

Tomorrow Friday (May 25 ) the Irish people will vote in the mosti mportant referendum in a generation.

Despite the impression given bypro-abortion campaigners, this is not a referendum about allowing abortion in limited circumstances, it is about introducing abortion on demand into Ireland.

If the Eighth Amendment were repealed, the Irish Government propose to permit abortion without restriction up to 12 weeks of pregnancy for any reason, and up to six months on the same grounds (unspecified mental health grounds ) that has led to abortion on demand in Britain.

These abortions will be performed in your local GP surgeries and hospitals. If this wasn’t bad enough, the Health Minister, Simon Harris has previously stated that he expects taxpayers to pay for abortions in public hospitals.

Removal of the Eighth Amendment would also mean that Irish citizens would have no vote on future abortion laws. Politicians could bring in whatever type of abortion law they want,even allowing abortion up to birth, and we would have no say on the matter.

As the Government’s abortion proposals envisage that no woman wil ltravel abroad for an abortion, our abortion law must be the same, or more liberal than Britain’s law and any other country that is a Ryanair flight away.

We can see this already, as the Government’s proposed abortion law is more extreme than the 1967 British Abortion Act.

In England, unlike under the Irish Government’s proposals, a woman has to give a reason to get an abortion. Despite this, in England, because of the development of an abortion culture, in recent years, for every four live births, one pregnancy ends in abortion. This is horrific.

There is no reason to believe that were abortion on demand legalised in Ireland that over time we would not be any different.

The introduction of widespread abortion in Irish hospitals and GP surgeries would be a disaster for our healthcare system. For our women, our children and ethical, compassionate healthcare, please Vote NO on Friday to the Government’s extreme proposals to legalise abortion on demand.


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