Survey reveals worries and struggles of employees

Almost 80 per cent of Irish workers experience sleep deprivation and one in four (24 per cent ) admit they regularly struggle financially, new research has revealed.

The results are collated from 13,266 health screenings carried out across industry sectors by laya Healthcare. Key findings include:

Eight in 10 workers admitted that poor sleep has affected their energy and mood in the past month, with almost one in five admitting that sleep deprivation is affecting them “a lot”.

One in four (24 per cent ) admitted to “often barely managing financially” from pay day to pay day.

More than half (53 per cent ) admitted they experience general anxiety “some” or “most days”.

Almost one in five male workers (19 per cent ) are obese, with slightly fewer women (16 per cent ) found to have a BMI of obese. Men working in media are most likely to be obese (24 per cent ), followed by manufacturing (22 per cent ), medical workers (21 per cent ) and those working in the pharmaceutical industry (21 per cent ).

More than one in four (27 per cent ) of males working in manufacturing experience high blood pressure versus 15 per cent of females. Those working in construction, security and manufacturing show the highest rates of blood pressure

Patricia Hyland, director of wellbeing and corporate sales at laya healthcare, said: “We are being asked more frequently now by clients how we can help them improve the emotional wellbeing of their employees and how can we measure an uplift in happiness and wellbeing in the workplace. With our technology, we can now deliver anonymised data points that give a revealing 360-degree view on the health and wellbeing of a company.

“It’s fascinating the patterns that emerge when you take a holistic view of company health scores. For example, those working in the technology sector tend to be younger, more physically fit and healthy, yet their emotional wellbeing can often be well below the average score. The key is interpreting the data to customise a programme of health and wellbeing that’s an absolute fit for a company and identifying the hidden connections between the health and wellbeing metrics that give rigour and depth to workplace wellbeing programmes.”

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