Holistic therapists day at Tullamore Court Hotel

Hazel Devine

Hazel Devine

Due to popular demand, Hazel Devine is holding a special mind, body and spirit holistic therapists day in the Tullamore Court Hotel on Sunday, April 8, from 11am to 6pm.

Hazel says she has a rare gift, a special ability to read people’s physical, emotional and mental health. She works with all types of people and all ages, including children and babies.

The focus of this day is to translate and demonstrate all aspects of a person's mind, body and spirit using her psychic abilities and through her rare spiritual life connections.

Do not miss your chance to experience Hazel and her therapists in action for this special day in Tullamore. This day will take place in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere where Hazel will guide you and give you direction in your life.

At 12 noon Hazel will demonstrate and give talks on healing, while looking at people’s pain on a physical, emotional and mental level. She will look back into the past to find the root cause of the shock and trigger points of the pain, where emotions are trapped in the body. Hazel will give clarity and explain what is required for them to move forward in their lives.

At 2pm Hazel will demonstrate and give talks on healing babies, children and teenagers while looking at their emotions and anxiety. She will give clarity and understanding on how they are feeling and demonstrate how to deal with these emotions.

From 4pm to 5pm Hazel will give talks on the spirit world. Using her psychic abilities and through her spiritual connection Hazel will guide and give direction to people’s lives, in an intimate setting.

Hazel will also speak with and refer clients to suitable therapists throughout the course of the day. There will be a wide range of therapies available which Hazel and her therapists are making affordable for all on the day, with reduced cost sessions and readings.

Entry on the day costs €5 for adults and babies. Children and teenagers enter free of charge.

For further information contact [email protected] or phone (087 ) 2286810.


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