Think pink to put some life into your home

Neptune’s duck-feather filled Grace scatter cushions

Neptune’s duck-feather filled Grace scatter cushions

Pink is a colour which divides opinion. While it is a gendered shade, today the old adage of pink for a girl and blue for a boy can no longer be taken for granted.

Indeed, this season sees leading design house Neptune coming up with new ways of decorating with pink that are decidedly gender neutral.

Neptune’s Old Rose shade offers a different perspective on pink. Subtle and sophisticated, it is a shade with earthiness at its core.

Used on walls, Old Rose will not come across as sugary sweet, but rather as quiet and composed.

If you prefer to temper your pink a little, think of ways to add some texture so your eye is not just reading colour.

You could consider plastering your walls with a slightly rough skim, encouraging cracks and pits, and then applying Old Rose as a wash. If you want more colour, just build it up.

If you have a room with an adjoining space, like a bedroom with a dressing area, or hallway with a recess, you could paint the smaller area in pink. This way you can enjoy pink in your main space, but in a select way.

Another option for adding pink without painting entire walls is to think about using it in soft furnishings, accessories and, of course, as painted furniture.

Part of the beauty of timber furniture is that it can be sanded down and repainted when you are ready for a change.

How about painting your dining chairs in Old Rose, or even choosing a larger scale piece such as a dresser in a dining room or a larder in the kitchen?

They will blend wonderfully with the other elements in a room, as pink is a colour which suits darker timbers and palettes as much as it does lighter ones.

Just because soft furnishings and accessories feel like a smaller touch, in Old Rose they will not go unnoticed.

Pink is a colour that wants to be seen, and because it is used less commonly, your eye seeks it out quicker than you might expect.

A printed cushion on a bedspread is one of the most discreet ways to use pink.

And while it might appear contradictory, the more pink you use, the more subtle the overall look will be.

A little pink creates a sudden point of contrast, whereas more pink textiles ensures your room’s palette is better blended.

So pink is not just for little girl’s bedrooms - it works in absolutely every room.

So when it comes to decorating, think pink and everything can come up rosy.


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