Former county star endorses Bikram Yoga

Senan Kilbride

Senan Kilbride

Senan Kilbride, St Brigid’s footballer and former county player, has been attending Bikram Yoga Athlone since the start of the year.

Having experienced niggling injuries in the past, Senan turned to Bikram Yoga for help.

“I could not recommend Bikram Yoga Athlone more,” Senan says. “I have been playing Gaelic for a long time, dogged by groin, hip, back, and hamstring injuries. Also, I always found training and especially conditioning training extremely difficult and wearing. In the back of my mind was always a worry regarding my previous long-term groin injuries and that they would return.

“I decided to give Bikram a go and the results have been phenomenal. I went for a month unlimited to begin with, going three or four times a week to kick-start the whole process, and now I try to go twice a week to maintain the benefits. I feel a lot more free in training and matches. I don’t get near as tight or as tired on the field and I wish I had made the call to do this 10 years ago.

“I would recommend it to anyone, especially those involved in sports, as it is easy to get into the idea of getting bigger and stronger in a gym, but I believe this could be key to performance and longevity. Tricia keeps a good eye on you in the class and strikes a great balance between getting the technique right and pushing yourself to your edge in each pose.”

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