New BYA mix class at Bikram Yoga

If you are looking for a reason to start or come back to Bikram Yoga Athlone, then why not try the new ‘BYA Mix’ - a new 90-minute hot yoga class!

Last year, Bikram Yoga introduced the Hot60 class, which received a great response. As a result, Tricia Fleming and her team decided to design a new sequence in a 90 minute class to help everybody transition a little bit more easily from the Bikram class to the Hot60.

At Bikram Yoga Athlone, the team has come up with the ‘BYA Mix’, which has a lot of the postures from the Bikram sequence and all of the new postures in the Hot60, as well has a few new ones. Because it is 90 minutes, participants get a little bit more time to learn the new postures and a few more breaks than in the Hot60. As a result, this new class is suitable for beginners.

Bikram Yoga now has three different types of classes. The Bikram Class is a 26 yoga posture sequence with two breathing exercises. Every posture is completed twice, opening the body in the first set, and then potentially aiming for depth in the second set.

Each posture is executed with precision in mind, working to maintain the correct alignment of the body. This is achieved by working on both strength and flexibility in every posture. The idea is to work from the bones to the skin, starting with the skeleton and then hoping to maintain the natural range of motion of all the joints and soft tissue.

If only one set of every posture is undertaken, there is sometimes pressure to push too much and sometimes force the body to try to achieve depth. This class is suitable for all levels.

The BYA Mix is a new 90 minute hot yoga class using some postures from the Bikram class as well as a lot of new ones. There aew more hip openers and a lot more upper body strengthening. This is dynamic and energetic class suitable for all levels and is great for preparing for the Hot60.

The Hot60 is a faster paced class lasting only 60 minutes. This is a high energy class with postures only undertaken once. People are advised to do five to 10 Bikram classes to learn the finer details of each posture, then a few BYA Mix classes, before moving to the Hot60. There are now eight Bikram classes, three Hot60 classes and two BYA Mix classes on the schedule.

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