Irish households went without heat this winter to cut costs

Almost seven in ten (69 per cent ) people in Irish households went without heating at some point this winter in a bid to save money on their energy bills

This is according to new research from independent and impartial price comparison and switching service,

The findings reveal the extent that households will go to in order to keep a lid on energy costs, with a quarter (24 per cent ) of people regularly going without heating. With the average household gas and electricity bill now standing at an eye-watering €2,060 a year, the research shows that this high cost is forcing many to potentially compromise on their comfort, health, and wellbeing.

In fact, such is the worry about the high price of energy that only a third of consumers (31 per cent ) say that they never have to go without heating to keep their costs down.

The level of energy rationing this year has caused discomfort for many, with more than four in ten (44 per cent ) admitting to being colder at home this winter than they would have wanted to be.

However, despite some of these extreme measures, 55 per cent of people think they achieved the right balance this winter between keeping warm and managing their energy costs. One fifth (20 per cent ), however, would like to do more, but are concerned about the potential impact on their quality of life or health.

As the temperature dial on the heating goes down or even off, some of us are coming up with other ways to stay warm, with 62 per cent wrapping up in thick jumpers, and 55 per cent resorting to woolly socks when they are at home.

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