Reduce your use of energy to help save money and benefit the environment

By reducing our energy use, we can save money and limit our reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels.

This is the advice from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEEI ), which has outlined actions people can take to reduce their use.

“Every day we use energy for heat, electricity and transport. Our collective actions in how we use energy in our homes and how we travel can make a big difference.

“Heating is the biggest energy user in the home, so start here - the weather is improving, so you don’t need your heating as much. Use time and temperature controls to ensure you’re only using heating when and where you need it, lower your thermostat one degree to 20 degrees celsius and save up to 10 percent and use a timer on your immersion when heating your water to save even more.

“Electricity - a general principle is turn it off when it is not in use and use it efficiently when it’s on. To keep your electricity use as low as possible, you should know which appliances use the most electricity. Be smart about when and how often you use them. A good rule of thumb is: if it makes things hot, then it uses a lot of electricity, for example, showers, tumble driers, ovens and kettles and try and use appliances outside peak hours of 4pm to 7pm when you can.

“Transport - Petrol and diesel prices have soared recently. Can you walk or cycle for short journeys? Instead of taking the car, can you share journeys or use public transport? If you do need to take the car, drive at lower speeds where it is safe to do so. Ensure your engine is well maintained and tyre pressure is correct for further savings as well as reliability and safe driving,” SEEI stated.

“War and conflict are affecting energy prices right across Europe. Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of how we use energy from the moment we wake, until we switch off lights at night. Much of our energy use is habitual. By making these changes and forming new habits, we won’t impact our comfort at home, but we will help to save money and reduce our reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels. Collectively, this is a really powerful change.

“SEAI are delighted to support the Government’s Reduce Your Use energy efficiency campaign, we offer lots of advice and guidance on how to save energy and also provide Government grants to those who want to upgrade their insulation or heating systems,” Tom Halpin, Head of Communications with SEAI, said.

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