Blackberry Hearing - making hearing aids much more affordable!

Blackberry Hearing was set up to change people’s lives by offering high-quality hearing aids at a fraction of the cost charged by established companies. Blackberry Hearing’s market research validated that there was significant consumer dissatisfaction with pricing and after-care service.

The company believes in transparency and include in their mission statement a promise of no hidden extra costs. They explain from the start how much the hearing aids will cost and this, with a strong focus on customer service, makes Blackberry Hearing a refreshing new entrant into the market. The company sells their hearing aids directly to their customers through a network of local pharmacies and employ their own professionally BSc qualified audiologists, a rarity in the business. At 40 per cent of the price offered by some more well-known companies, Blackberry Hearing provide not only great customer satisfaction but genuinely affordable hearing aids.

Blackberry Hearing was co-founded 18 months ago by John Ryan and Dave Gleeson. Based on their own business experience they believed that a more affordable solution for hearing loss could be offered. Research by John and Dave led them to believe that both high prices and poor customer service were leading to significant customer dissatisfaction and consequently Blackberry Hearing focuses clearly on addressing these market shortfalls.

“We did not necessarily set out to be disruptive, but our low pricing and strong customer care seems to have done just that. Local advertising has been very important to make people aware of the value, but word-of-mouth referrals have been our best recommendations as it clearly demonstrates strong customer satisfaction. Recently we have recruited four more BSc degree level audiologists to help manage our growing nationwide network of local pharmacy clinics,” according to John.

“We make the experience of buying a hearing aid as joyful as possible with most of our clients walking out with their hearing aids on the same day as the clinic. The offering is simple with clear, transparent pricing and with satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.”

Locally you can book a free hearing test and full consultation at McGorisk’s Pharmacy, Clonbrusk, Athlone on (090 ) 6470001 or Dolan’s Medical Hall, Main Street, Moate on (090 ) 6481115. Or you can simply call Blackberry Hearing directly at (01 ) 6978470.



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