What do you know about underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and for large projects due to its energy efficiency and the comfortable feeling it delivers.

Since many people still know rather little about underfloor heating, here are some of the benefits it can bring.

It gets warm quickly: There are two types of underfloor heating systems: warm water systems that heat the floor with hot water streaming through water pipes, or electrical underfloor heating where wires are installed beneath the floor to heat it up.

Water-based systems take more time to reach the desired temperature, but cost less to run than the electric system. The latter gets to the desired temperature in less than 20 minutes.

Decorating heaven: Even the slimmest and most efficient radiators on the planet take up some space on the wall. Underfloor heating means you can claim that space back. The next time you look at your walls and wish you could give them an entirely new look, think about the possibility of underfloor heating. With the radiators gone, you have complete freedom to make those walls shine.

Child-friendly: When safety comes up, the concern with radiators are those metallic edges that can mean that the younger members of your household could find themselves at the wrong end of something sharp. Underfloor heating, for obvious reasons, does not have this problem. It is invisible and tucked away.

Easy to install: Electric underfloor heaters are easy to install beneath the floor. What is more, for people with smaller budgets, underfloor heating can be laid down in the floor construction as a DIY project. Warmup provides a pressure sensitive, adhesive StickyMat solution with the electric wire already applied.

Laying down an underfloor heating with StickyMat ensures a 35 per cent faster installation speed compared to similar products. Although electric underfloor heating is a great DIY project for an advanced DIY practitioner, it is still recommended to call over an electrician to ensure everything works correctly.

Less costly: Radiators heat the air. This can often mean that you end up opening windows to bring in some fresh air to the room. This is a loss of energy and a waste of your money. Underfloor heating simply heats the floor, which means that you can enjoy the same levels of warmth that a radiator brings, avoiding that stuffy feeling.

No maintenance: The best reason is without question the long-term cost savings. Underfloor heating, when installed correctly, does not need any maintenance. Once the heater has been laid down it will be up and running for years to come.

So there you have it - some reasons why you should consider underfloor heating when constructing your home or undertaking improvements.


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