Celebrating all things Shaker by Neptune

Neptune have a deep respect for furniture that is thoughtfully made from exquisite materials and with functionality, form, and proportion.

Many of their signature designs have been influenced, indeed inspired, by the iconic Shaker movement.

This breakaway sect of the Quakers, who formed their own religious group in colonial America back in 1744, believed in creating things with simplicity and care.

So, they began designing their own style of furniture with a laser-sharp focus on pared-back forms, zero ornamentation and rooted in utter practicality.

Everything had to have a function, decoration was deemed entirely unnecessary, and every single thing the Shakers made was of the highest possible quality.

The first rule of Shaker style is simplicity - choose only things that are well made and minimal in their design.

The second is utility - focus on functional form and be mindful of what you will use and how you want to use it.

The third in honesty - honesty in materials and a complete commitment to back-to-basics principles.

In today’s hectic world where we have so much choice, so many design influences, and so much pressure, the desire for back-to-basics design has become all the more attractive.

So, if anything, the Shaker movement is more relevant today than it was in 18th century America.

The religious sect’s principles of simplicity, utility, and honesty are once again providing inspiration for individuals, businesses, and designers.

Their saying ‘Beauty resides in utility’ is one of Neptune’s guiding mottos and why they are keen to celebrate all things Shaker.

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