County Buildings Atrium exhibition space welcomes Westmeath artist

‘Eyeless’ by Emma Williams‘Eyeless’ by Emma Williams

‘Eyeless’ by Emma Williams‘Eyeless’ by Emma Williams

Westmeath Arts Office will present the first solo exhibition of work by the talented young artist Emma Williams, opening this week. Originally from Dublin, Emma now resides in Westmeath and her exhibition, The Journey, will launch in the Atrium Space of the County Buildings in Mullingar tonight, Thursday February 5 at 6pm.

The Journey is based on the ongoing progression of Emma’s work, showcasing the various approaches she uses including watercolours, acrylics, oil pastels, and pencil drawings of figurative art and portraits. There will be 25 pieces in this first solo show. If Henry Ward Beecher’s words are true that “...every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures...” then this is definitely true of Emma; her pieces contain a message which can not only be conveyed as self-expression but also as an open and vivid perspective of today’s youth.

Emma’s main goal is to put a spotlight on everyday issues through her brightly coloured figurative art; this has only been possible within her own journey to acceptance. The Journey shows the range of the quality art that changes with almost each piece over the course of the last three years. The gradual progression of the work reveals a more recent leaning towards an imaginative, poignant and colourful style with elements of fantasy figurative art and abstraction.

The Atrium Space in the Westmeath County Council’s building is a vibrant improvised visual-art space worthy of consideration by both established and emerging artists. Arts Officer Miriam Mulrennan says of the space, “The Atrium has a felt-sense of ease that makes it particularly appropriate for emerging artists who may not have engaged with a gallery or visual-art facility before. As a space, it has an openness that seems to really appeal to artists - it quietly asserts itself without shouting from the rafters. And of course there is a natural footfall through the building, which means that audience members are already across-the-threshold so to speak, and the exhibition area is a little oasis of calm as they conduct their other tasks in the county buildings. The space also works well for school projects, exhibitions, and presentations as well as community art activities”.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend this Thursday’s launch in the Atrium Gallery in the County Buildings in Mullingar at 6pm.


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