A lesson in lingerie buying for men

Fantasie Ivana Basque €114, brief €33

Fantasie Ivana Basque €114, brief €33

Calling all gentlemen! Buying lingerie for a loved one can be one of the most romantic things you can do. It is an intimate gift which, if you get it right, can really make that special someone feel extra special. Women want to look and feel beautiful and there’s no better way than to give the gift of a gorgeous lingerie set from Burgess. However lingerie can be one of the trickiest gifts a guy can buy. Luckily Burgess is here to help you every step of the way.

Put all your ideas of a great set of lingerie on hold and do a little research.

1. Find out her bra and brief size. The best place to start is with her lingerie drawer! The bra size will look something like ‘34B’ while the brief size will be a normal clothing size such as ‘12’.

2. Take note of her favourite colours. Does she like pretty shades of pink and light peach colours or does she like deep, rich, sensuous colours?

3. Does she like details such as prints and frills? Or does she like simplicity?

4. Think of textures and fabrics. There are various different fabrics to choose from such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, velvet etc.

5. Consider the different types of bras and which one you should buy her.

Does she like a little lift to her bust? Then a balcony bra would be the right choice.

Has she got a generous bust? If so a full cup bra will be perfect for her.

Does she like to have fabulous cleavage? Then the plunge bra would suit her perfectly.

6. Finally choosing the right brief is essential. Pick a shape she likes to wear the most often - this is always a safe choice! This could be a thong, brief, short, French brief, or mini.

Don’t know all these types of lingerie? Don’t worry - come to Burgess and they’ll take it from there! To get you some extra brownie points they will also wrap your presents for you so they look irresistible under the tree.

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