Health awareness campaign at Zen

Zen Fitness & Leisure are currently running their health awareness campaign to help people from across the region get active.

Harry Ainslie, fitness consultant at Zen Fitness & Leisure at the Athlone Springs, explains how important it is to eat well and move more in order to live longer. “With our health awareness campaign running at the moment it has never been so easy to get the help and support needed in order to make that change without paying through the nose.”

We know that mild depression can be successfully treated, when acted upon. Most people think anti-depressants are the answer and for some people they help. “But there are a huge range of treatments beyond this on offer - such things as physical activity and psychological therapies can help provide effective long-term relief,” adds Harry.

Throughout November, Zen Fitness & Leisure will be teaming up with other local businesses in order to help as many people as possible eat well, move more, and live longer.

For more information call Harry Ainslie at Zen Fitness & Leisure on 1800 848 823.


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