Art, physiology, and film feature in two new exhibitions in Luan Gallery

Luan Gallery is delighted to present two new solo exhibitions this Friday, October 24 - a collection of works by UK video and performance artist Mel Brimfield and a collection by Roscommon sculptor Siobhan McGibbon.

Quantum Foam is a touring exhibition of work by UK artist Mel Brimfield, her first showing in the Republic of Ireland. Operating at the intersection of live art, theatre and film, Brimfield’s work remembers such luminaries as Stanelli’s Hornchestra, the Beverley Sisters, Max Miller, Tony Hancock, Kenneth Williams, and Frankie Howerd. Presented by Kinsale Arts Festival, Wexford Arts Centre, Luan Gallery, Galway Arts Centre, and The LAB - Quantum Foam is a retrospective of the artist’s work, with each gallery presenting an original series of existing works.

Luan Gallery will be also presenting An Audience with Willy Little, which mixes film and live theatrical performance revisiting the rich tradition of music hall and variety theatre.

SpeciMEN is a selection of works created by Siobhan McGibbon developed during her residency in the radiology and pathology departments of the Galway University Hospital. In 2014 McGibbon began a two year long practice-based research-led masters inspiring a series of unusual investigations. This exhibition presents the outcome of the artist’s first investigation with a specific focus on anatomy, the medicalization of the body, the analysis of the body within the medical field and the human experience within a medical environment.

Siobhan says, “I am fascinated by the body’s ability to stretch and morph itself almost beyond human recognition and I often reference in my work to biographic stories of individuals with abnormal conditions”.

Of the upcoming exhibition Catherine Yorke, coordinator said, “The previous exhibition was made up of works of historical interest. These two new exhibitions are made with new media and they are innovative and contemporary. They are quite different and will get the audiences thinking.”

Quantum Foam and SpeciMEN open in Luan Gallery on Friday October 24 at 6pm. Guest speakers will include Margaret Flannery, head of Galway University Hospital Arts Trust and Marie McPartlin, director of Kinsale Arts Festival and the exhibition’s curator.

This is a free event with wine reception, all welcome.


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