Cllr Keogh welcomes dog litter bins in the Monksland area

Local councillor John Keogh has welcomed new dog litter bins in the Monksland/Bealnamullia areas of Athlone. “I’m pleased to see that dog litter bins have been put up. I have been a long time trying to prevail on Roscommon County Council to put these up, thankfully it has now happened. Dog foul is extremely dangerous to young children and can cause a host of medical complaints... I hope that the erection of the dog litter bins will now encourage owners to clean up after their dogs,” he said.

There is currently a fine system in place of €150 for owners who do not clean up after their dogs.

“With the bins being provided, there will now be no excuse for not cleaning up afterwards and I will be requesting the Litter Warden to ensure that there is strict enforcement of the laws in this respect. The option now for owners will be to clean up or pay up,” Cllr Keogh added.


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