You can kick the smoking habit in just 90 minutes!

Due to ongoing public demand, the highly successful Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic returns once again to the Creggan Court Hotel, Athlone, on Monday October 20.

Geoff has conducted his award-winning ‘Easy Quit Smoking Programme’ regularly in Athlone for the last 12 years with a proven record of success.

Registration for the clinic is at the door from 7.30-8pm. Clinic will start at 8pm. The small registration investment of €99.99 is purposely geared to make the clinic affordable to all, from the youngest to the oldest, saving a 30-a-day smoker €5,091 per annum!

The Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic, comes with a 100 per cent written guarantee. Geoff is so totally confident and committed to your success that in the unlikely event you ever start smoking again, you will be admitted to any of his nationwide clinics within one year of attendance - a full 365 days absolutely free of charge!

Geoff’s system is a well structured, tried and tested programme. It is truly one of a kind. The system is designed to eliminate the smoking habit in everyday life situations - in the morning, at work, when stressed, while driving, on the phone, having coffee, after the meal, even in the presence of smokers!

Will it work for me? Whether you are a light or heavy smoker, a casual or long-term smoker, smoke ‘regular’ or ‘electronic’ cigarettes, the Geoff Anthony stop smoking system is designed so you will leave the clinic as a non-smoker - with no irritability, no stress, no cravings, and no weight gain!

For more information about the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinics and his ‘Easy Quit-Smoking Programme’, call (087 ) 6801314 or visit


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