JetPeel 3V - the needle-free alternative

A global hit, the revolutionary JetPeel 3V treatment is set to change the rules of anti-ageing again. JetPeel 3V is a super-hydrating jet-effect treatment that delivers younger, fresher, more radiating skin and acts as a substitute to anti-ageing injectables. The no-needle alternative delivers beautifully-glowing, dewy, radiant-looking skin that is incredibly effective in improving skin texture and tones, wrinkle reduction, and removal of unwanted pigmentation.

The JetPeel 3V treatment, available at Therapie Clinics nationwide, works by using a high-pressure saline solution that is first sprayed on the face, neck, and décolletage to rid the skin of toxins. The dynamic pressure exfoliates and cleanses the skin, eradicating dead cells and evening skin tone. The jet stream dramatically moisturises and hydrates the skin and infuses oxygen deep into the dermis, which recharges and revitalises the cells, helping the skin produce new collagen, which is necessary for a truly rejuvenated look. A personalised blend of pure concentrated vitamins is then applied for an added boost. The end result is beautiful glowing, dewy, radiant-looking skin.

JetPeel 3V’s secret weapon is the BTX-NAT infusion. The JetPeel 3V treatment takes around 45 minutes and while the initial sensation is slightly ticklish you soon get used to it and enjoy the sensation. A skin specialist at Therapie will recommend the best treatment for you and your skin, whatever your skin concern.

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