Ursula’s Headwear

There are days when you just don’t want to wear a wig!

Such was the life experience of one person. For Marian, the wig was the last straw! It was bad enough having cancer and all it entails, but having to wear this ‘rug’ on her bald head throughout the day was just awful.

How she longed to pull it off, and then she saw the ad for Ursula’s Headwear - the perfect, comfortable alternative to a wig!

Ursula does fitted scarves, bandanas, soft caps, and night caps in soft cotton, which are stylish, secure, inexpensive, and best of all comfortable! Fringes and hair can be sewn on, and ribbons, plaits, hairbands, long narrow scarves, flowers, and brooches can be added.

This headwear is exclusively made by Ursula Hanley in Athlone for everyday wear and special occasions.

They are suitable for anyone with thinning hair, alopecia, baldness, or indeed for protection from the elements. She also caters for children, teenagers, and men.

Mail order and personal callers welcome. A free night cap comes with every order during September and October.

For more information see www.headwear.ie, email [email protected], or call (090 ) 6475462 or (086 ) 3899026. Alternatively, find ‘Ursula’s Headwear’ on Facebook.


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