Rejuvenate your complexion with Mooya Masks

With stubbornly combination skin very much in need of a boost, I was delighted to have the opportunity to try a Mooya Mask from The Hair and Beauty Company this week.

Mooya Masks are organic and based on the action of the natural components, which means they are gentle on the skin. I tried the Green Tea Antioxidant mask, which aims to to rejuvenate the skin, remove toxins, and prevent breakouts. Expecting the usual one-step mask, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this treatment consisted of two luxurious steps - a cotton mask followed by a soothing serum.

After cleansing, I carefully applied the cotton mask, which covers the entire face and neck, with eye, nose, and mouth slits for comfort. The mask comes soaked in an organic solution which features active ingredients including vitamin C, witch hazel, and peppermint oil, and immediately felt cool and refreshing on my skin. I left it on for the recommended 25 minutes as I sat back to relax.

After removing the mask, I applied the serum, which was velvety smooth and felt very soothing. I would recommend applying this mask last thing at night, so the serum can work its magic overnight.

Mooya claims that this mask purifies and rejuvenates the skin, and my skin certainly felt the benefits in the following days - it felt smoother and clearer.

The Green Tea Antioxidant Mask is recommended especially for oily or combination skin, but there are masks to suit all skin types and concerns, from sensitive or dry skin, to targeted toning and anti-ageing treatments.

Mooya Masks are available from The Hair and Beauty Company. For more information see, or call them in Athlone on (090 ) 6498604.


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