Mercedes-Benz unveils all-new AMG GT

It’s always good to see how the other half live and such an occasion was the recent Mercedes-Benz unveiling off their much-vaunted AMG GT. It certainly revealed what sports car enthusiasts might well regard as a stunningly-attractive successor to their SLS and a potent rival to all who lay claim to the premium sports car segment.

 The 4-litre twin-turbo V8 GT, with its front-mounted engine, rear wheel drive train and lightweight aluminium body, is being produced in a powerful 530bhp GTS version initially. This will be followed soon afterwards in a slightly more refined 456bhp version. Both will be available to Irish buyers from mid-2015, with the GTS version being first to arrive in May to be followed two months later by the GT version.

 Though the price will only ever be quoted at time of ordering, is expected to arrive on the market here at just under €200,000 for the GT version.

 While buyers of high powered, high priced sports cars will know precisely what competitors the new GT has in its sights, owners can be confident that, even before taking to the roads, it is already a car for the classic collector.

 Commenting, Ciaran Allen, sales manager for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Ireland, told the Advertiser: “Despite current conditions, we have already detected significant interest in the GT and would expect to record a number of sales following its introduction.”


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