New Renault Trafic stars in Knight Rider remake

Following on the back of the launch of the all-new Trafic, Renault’s best-selling light commercial vehicle with 1.6 million units sold, the brand has launched a video on the web.

The film is a remake of the famous opening sequence of Knight Rider, the cult TV show featuring Michael Knight, a modern-day hero working for a philanthropic foundation, and his high-tech car equipped with a built-in, artificially intelligent computer.

In Renault’s Trafic Rider film, available on the brand’s YouTube channel, the new van plays the role of KITT and Michael Knight has been replaced by everyday hero Michael Craftsman. The aim is to creatively communicate the special bond that artisan business owners have with the Renault vehicles they use for their businesses and to showcase the performance of the LCVs.

This practical and economical Van à Vivre will sport a new look both inside and out, while benefiting from clever smart innovations to facilitate the lives of business customers, as well as a new range of responsive engines.

The vehicle will also be available with a new Renault-developed 1.6 dCi powerplant, including a twin-turbocharged version that boasts fuel consumption of less than six litres per 100km.

The all-new Renault Trafic will go on sale in Ireland this autumn.


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