Volkswagen Golf is most searched car

The Volkswagen Golf is the most searched for car in Ireland according to the third bi-annual Carzone motoring report. The report found that the Volkswagen Golf was the most searched for used car in the second half of 2013.

Commenting on the findings of the report, Paul O’Sullivan, head of marketing, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said: “We were already aware that the Golf is Ireland’s bestselling car but this report reminds us that it is the car that most people want to own - whether purchasing a new or second hand vehicle. The Golf is celebrating its 40th year in production and it is clear from the findings of this report that it remains the nation’s favourite car - be it the mark one which first reached Irish shores in 1974 or the mark seven which we proudly unveiled in late 2012.”

Paul O’Sullivan added: “The fact that the Golf is so desirable as a secondhand vehicle only emphasizes that when you buy a Golf it is a wise investment. While other manufacturers may claim to have the lowest depreciation, the simple fact is that the Volkswagen Golf is the most in demand secondhand car on the market. The demand for quality secondhand vehicles is growing and you can be sure that by the time you decide to change your Golf the resale value will remain strong.”

The report is a bi-annual index which tracks trends in both the new and used car markets in Ireland. Data has been compiled using the 60 million searches carried out on during the last six months of the year, vehicle transactions listed on, and a survey of 2,187 motorists nationwide.

The report also found that the top two financial concerns for motorists are fuel costs and the price of road tax. And also that the proportion of petrol to diesel in the fleet is on the decrease; however, demand for secondhand diesel cars outstrips supply. And finally, it found that black is the most popular colour for a used car.



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