Raising your energy vibrations

We all have an energy field which surrounds us and energy centres which run through our body.

When we have positive thoughts and feelings, have healthy life practices, and eat healthily we vibrate at a high frequency. On the other hand, when we have negative thoughts, live in a state of fear, and fill our body with unhealthy substances, our energy system becomes blocked and we vibrate at a low frequency.

Because we create our energy with how we treat ourselves inside and out, we are therefore responsible for our own vibrational frequency.

Energy Therapy treatments are an excellent way of raising your energy while keeping your body and immune system in top condition. They also help you to relax, aid sleep, and relieve stress and physical pain.

Kate Mullins from AcheBusters, Athlone is offering a free consultation and four treatments of bio-energy for the price of three. Other treatments start at €30 and include chakra balancing, access bars, and crystal therapy. For more information call Kate on (086 ) 4076430.


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