TV actress set for the stage in Mullingar Arts Centre

Tara Lynne O’Neill is a film, theatre, and television actress who has starred in BBC prodctions Eastenders and The Fall.

Tara is currently starring alongside Katie Tumelty in Marie Jones’ hilarious comedy Fly Me To The Moon.

Fly Me to the Moon is the timely tale of two women struggling in today’s tough economic climate and just how far they will go to make ends meet.

Katie Tumelty plays Frances, a hard-nosed cynic with a dry wit and a keen eye for every scam like her wayward son Jason, while Lynne-O’Neill plays the lovable Loretta, a soft-hearted soul who is a complete innocent abroad. Together they care for Davy - a lonely old man whose greatest loves are Frank Sinatra and the races. When Davy dies on the day his horse finally comes in, his two carers are faced with a moral dilemma which threatens to tear their lives - and their friendship - apart.

Marie Jones’ new play Fly Me to the Moons premiere comes to Mullingar after a critically acclaimed tour of cities in Scotland and England. You can catch Tara Lynne-O’Neill when Fly Me To The Moon soars into the Mullingar Arts Centre on September 10.

Tickets are €17/€14 and are available from the box in the Mullingar Arts Centre by calling

(044 ) 9347777.


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