LotusEater performance at Roscommon Arts Centre

LotusEater are a four piece trip/rock band who will perform at the Roscommon Arts Centre gallery as part of their ongoing collaboration with artist Aoibheann Greenan. The band’s performance will incorporate the costumes and props that have, up until that point, acted as sculptural assemblages in the gallery space. The band will activate the works within the space and will be the closing act for Greenan’s solo exhibition in the gallery space.

The Greek myth that surrounds the lotus eater infuses the exhibition with the same sense of entering an exotic set or that in-between space that is often associated with altered states of consciousness. Odysseus returning from the Trojan War tells of North African people who lived in a state of blissful forgetfulness, drugged by the fruit of the legendary lotus. Greenan deliberately attempts to illustrate the experience of disorientation and dislocation through her sculptural assemblages. The pieces reference her recent travels to India and Reykjavik, Iceland exploring the hybridization of cultures. Myths and symbols are reconfigured creating a pastiche of tropes that we recognise but which become unfamiliar and somewhat sinister in Greenan's reinterpretation. The element of kitsch through her use of B-movie references and counter cultural motifs remind us that on reflection each viewer brings their own cultural baggage to the interpretation of the pieces.

There is a harmony between symbol, legend and visual impact creating a visual lexicon that is both familiar and estranged.

The performance will take place on Saturday August 17 at 7pm and all are welcome.

The exhibition continues until August 30.


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