Romeo and Juliet will captivate audiences

Following on from the success of Macbeth, the highly acclaimed Icarus Theatre Collective will be presenting a bold and exciting new production of Shakespeare’s most tragic tale - Romeo and Juliet, at Mullingar Arts Centre on Monday May 13 and Tuesday May 14, as part of their international tour.

In defiance of their families, and in secrecy from their closest friends, hopeful young lives burn amidst a celestial and cataclysmic backdrop. Sun and moon shine down on star-crossed lovers as they hide their passion and sexuality from their warring families and their closest friends. Misadventure, family pride, and ancient quarrels abort and bury the most joyous of beginnings, the most hopeful of love stories as Romeo and Juliet, driven apart, find their world becoming a constricting, single mausoleum of fate and death.

Produced and directed by Max Lewendel, this exciting new production brings the majesty of Shakespeare’s work to life in a fresh and dynamic way. Whether you are a student seeking new insights, or someone who enjoys classical and contemporary dramatic works, you’ll be inspired by this memorable production.

Romeo and Juliet will be presented at the Mullingar Arts Centre on Monday May 13 at 8pm and Tuesday, May 14 at 12.30pm. Tickets are priced at €15/€12 and are available by calling (044 ) 9347777.



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