Kiltoom Drama Group to premier Ladies’ Day

Kiltoom Drama Group is excited and proud to present Amanda Whittington’s production, Ladies’ Day. The play will be staged in, Ballybay Parish Hall in Kiltoom, from November 1-4 at 8.30pm each night.

The decision to perform Ladies’ Day was welcomed as soon as director Fidelma Nixon suggested it to the group who were eager to stage something modern, comical, and refreshing. Ladies’ Day is exactly that. The play is a whole new departure not just for Kiltoom but for Ireland.

Nick Hern Books, London, the play’s publishers are equally excited by the group’s commitment to the play. When told, Ladies’ Day was heading to Ireland, playwright Amanda Whittington herself contacted Fidelma to wish the group well.

According to Fidelma, “This is a daring project which relies heavily on the creativity of the cast and crew. We are all embracing the opportunity to perform a truly original interpretation of this highly acclaimed play. The cast themselves are really falling for and engaging with their characters. When they are not in fits of laughter at the various scenarios in which they find themselves, they are moved by the sometimes sad and touching revelations that are brought to light. Without giving too much away, the play revolves around the trials and tribulations of the modern day working class. We have some strong, some weak, some sane, and some insane characters! So what chaos can occur in 2005 when they get their first stroke of good luck and head for Royal Ascot? Believe me you don’t want to miss this - not if you like or indeed need a good laugh.”

The cast have done trojan work in their total commitment to sterling performances throughout this demanding and fast-moving drama. The cast is made up of May Cunningham, John Stack, Jackie Cunnane, Jed Rowlands, Ann Toohey, Lisa Nugent, Gerry Murphy, Kevin Clabby, and Paul Slevin as you have never seen them before.


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