Your body is under attack from everyday living

The body’s immune system can be weakened by several different factors and many of these are hazards that we encounter every day.

Our diet is one such major area of concern, and it is not only the health issues that are associated with a high-fat diet of fast and convenient food. Even those people who are extremely careful about their diet are at risk. Our food is now grown in ways that are different from the way they evolved naturally. This includes more than just genetically engineered food products; some scientists believe that the introduction of cultivation techniques and fertilizer, advances that are hundreds of years old, may affect the growth cycle of plants in a way that alters the production of the essential nutrients we need to support our immune systems.

The scientific community continues to study the factors that can seriously deplete the performance of our immune system and many elements appear to be present in several areas of daily life. It is therefore essential for our physical well-being that we do all that we can to maintain a healthy immune system (next week we will discuss water ). By taking the NuTron Advanced test it is possible to identify the foods our bodies can digest and convert into energy, and also the foods our bodies have difficulty digesting. These difficult to digest foods can cause digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, skin disorders, asthma and many other inflammatory conditions.

By Colette at Healthy Home & Body Solutions. For an appointment and to learn more about NuTron Advanced, call Healthy Home & Body Solutions, Medical Park, Market Point, Mullingar at (087 ) 6490530.


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