Clinically proven weight loss

Therapie Clinic, Austin Friars Street, Mullingar recently introduced a clinically proven weight loss capsule to Ireland that is proven to burn 278 calories every day which is the equivalent to 1.5 hours walking or 25 minutes jogging. In food terms, that’s a slice of pizza or a burger or two chocolate biscuits. It may not sound like much but consuming an extra 278 calories per day would result in a weight gain of over 25 pounds a year!

The name is Capsiplex, derived from the main ingredient, capsicum extract or chilli pepper to you and me! It’s 100 per cent natural and clinically proven. Thirty years of research have gone into the product which has been approved by leading scientists. The other ingredients include caffeine (in a small amount ), black pepper extract (piperine ), and niacin. The unique formula boosts metabolism, suppresses the appetite, and helps the body burn fat and lose weight, naturally. Just one capsule a day with a glass of water 30-60 minutes before any exercise is all it takes to dramatically lose weight.

Behind the scenes Therapie Clinic has been researching the area of weight loss for a number of years, all too aware of the frightening statistics, with 51 per cent of Irish men and 32 per cent of Irish women overweight.

To order your supply, drop into a Therapie Clinic or phone 1890 650 750 and they’ll pop them in the post to you!



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