Goodbye razor and hello laser

Finally, there is a benefit to being pale and interesting! As our tans begin to fade and tights and winter boots take pride of place this is the perfect time to book your laser hair removal so you can be fully hair-free for next summer.

Imagine being able to throw away the razor once and for all, of no longer having to withstand nicks and cuts or worry about unshaven legs or underarms?

Why not join the 200,000 people who have had laser hair removal at Therapie Clinic and say a collective “good bye razor and hello laser”. Therapie Clinic has been in business for over 11 years now, with clinics nationwide in Mullingar, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Limerick, Belfast, and Derry. They are very much recognised as the leaders in the industry, using the most advanced technology in the world, using medical-grade lasers as opposed to IPL which is commonly used elsewhere. Medical-grade lasers mean superior results, fewer treatment sessions, and most importanty of all, patient safety.

Therapie Clinic also offers a price match guarantee, an easy payment plan which means you can spread out the cost of your treatment and also a free trial, to ensure you are compatible with laser. “At Therapie Clinic our ethos is very much about delivering a superior service and attention, and most importantly delivering results, at a fair and affordable price,” said clinic manager, Deirdre O'Dowd.

Call the experts for a free consultation and discover the benefits of a hair-free life.

Therapie Clinic is currently running a half-price sale on all laser hair removal.

For more information call 1890 650 750 or log on to


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