Citroen launches contract service packages

Citroen Ireland can now offer customers a selection of service contracts across their full passenger and commercial vehicle range.

Designed to provide customers with reassurance and peace of mind motoring, Citroen will offer customers a choice of three service contracts, each it says, with distinct advantages to the customer.

For example the entry level service contract is called EssentialDrive. In the case of a Citroen C3 or DS3 model, for a once off payment of €99, the package extends the manufacturer’s warranty to 36 months or 45,000 kilometres. In addition, to the third year manufacturer warranty, you also get Citroen assistance.

Prices vary by model, mileage and term and include VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

The second level service contract is call 'Citroen RealDrive' and again on a C3 or DS3 model that costs €345 and includes all the vehicle’s scheduled servicing needs in addition to the third year manufacturer warranty, Citroen Assist and also brake fluid replacement.

The third level option is called Citroen FreeDrive. For a once off payment, it gives all the RealDrive package plus all periodic maintenance requirements and replacement of listed wear and tear parts.

Commenting to the Advertiser on the launch of the service contracts, Joe Greene, service and quality manager at Citroen Ireland said:

“Here at Citroen we are committed to improving customer satisfaction and increasing our customer loyalty. The Citroen Service Contracts are a key element to this. Studies show that customer satisfaction is greatly enhanced with the removal of service cost uncertainty.

“Customers will be able to select the contract that suits their needs whether they require a simple warranty extension or a fully encompassing warranty, servicing, and maintenance package. Mileage and term length can also be adapted to suit the driver’s individual requirements (maximum contract five years or 195,000 km ).”



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