Skoda named best car manufacturer

Skoda has been named the best car manufacturer at this year’s Which? Awards after scoring 89 per cent for its customer score, 81 per cent for service and 79 per cent for reliability.

Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, and Volvo were also short-listed for the award.

Four Skodas make the top 10 - the Yeti, Superb Estate and Superb (old and new models ). Skoda jokes are becoming a thing of the past as the manufacturer now produces well-built, practical and good value cars.

Toyota Yaris tops in car owners’ road test results

The Toyota Yaris Verso drivers are happiest with their car, according to the annual Which? Car survey, the largest of its kind in the UK.

Despite its peculiar styling, Verso owners love the car giving it a score of 97.7 per cent for satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. One summed it up as: “so versatile, reliable, easy to drive, inexpensive to own, and almost as good now as when I bought it”.

In second place is the Volkswagen Passat CC (96.4 per cent ) which impresses its owners with its looks, practicality, and comfort. Third place is perhaps more of a surprise - the British Land Rover Discovery 4 (95.7 per cent ) is extremely popular with drivers, despite its poor reliability.



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