Toyota named number one in Global Green Brands

Toyota has been named as the greenest brand in the first ever Best Global Green Brands report published by Interbrand brand consultancy agency.

The study takes into account publicly available information on a brand’s environmental performance coupled with the public’s perception of the brand’s environmental sustainability, or green image, to produce the report’s Green Performance Score.

The Interbrand report said that Toyota is a leading example of making the environment a core management priority, while also engaging in a meaningful way with audiences around the world.

Toyota’s continued commitment towards the environment was highlighted in the Toyota Global Vision, published in March 2011, with the aim to reduce carbon emissions throughout the complete manufacturing and sales processes of its products. The company also strives to conserve natural resources through recycling, and to perform its activities in harmony with nature.

A key contributor to Toyota’s strong green performance, according to the report, is the company’s full hybrid technology. Since its launch in 1997, the iconic Prius hybrid vehicle – now in its third generation – has contributed to the total sales of 3.2 million Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles worldwide, offering customers around the world unparalleled environmental performances.

In 2010, Toyota introduced its innovative full hybrid technology to the compact Toyota Auris, built at its manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom. The Prius family will soon be expanded with the introduction of the seven-seater derivative, the Prius+, and the next major milestone in Toyota’s ongoing, over 40-year quest for sustainable mobility and the ultimate eco car, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid in 2012.

Building on a long-term, well-to-wheel approach towards sustainable operations, Toyota operates several environment initiatives at its facilities in Europe. Recently unveiled initiatives include: a solar wall at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France, in Valenciennes, France; a UK motoring industry first large-scale solar panel array at Toyota Motor Manufacturing United Kingdom, in Derbyshire, UK; and the planned installation of two wind turbines at Toyota Vehicle Logistics Centre in Zeebrugge, Belgium.



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