Intellicig now at McGorisks

The Intellicig, a remarkable new substitute for smoking tobacco products, is now available at McGorisks Pharmacy, Athlone.

Intellicig has created an electronic cigarette which offers a healthier way to continue the actions and habits of smoking tobacco, yet it contains none of the known harmful chemicals produced when burning tobacco.

Intellicig ingeniously replicates the sensation of smoking by vaporising a tiny amount of ECOpure liquid when you draw on it, creating an odourless and harmless vapour which looks just like smoke. It is also perfectly legal to smoke indoors.

Intellicig will amaze you the first time you use it and you will immediately discover how realistic it is as an alternative to smoking.

A starter pack is available at McGorisks for €34.95, with refill cartridges priced at €19.99. The savings for smokers based on 20 cigarettes per day are estimated to be €39 per week or over €2,000 per year.

For further information call into McGorisks Pharmacy or contact the stores in Athlone Towncentre at (090 ) 6484384; John Broderick Street at (090 ) 6472272; or The Crescent, Ballymahon Road at (090 ) 6474559.



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