New life, new you with Lifeslim

Lifeslim, the first Irish weight-loss programme with guaranteed results, is now available in your local pharmacy. Conceived in 2008, Lifeslim focuses not only on weight loss but the importance of long-term weight maintenance.

While losing the pounds for some might be easy, maintaining the loss can be more difficult. Not only does Lifeslim provide an assured weight-loss formula, it also promotes healthy living with its effective weight management programme.

Owner of Holly’s Pharmacy, Frank Holly, says “The most important thing for us is that people can get all the nutrients they need and that weight loss is more sustainable with the aid of Lifeslim. It is not a quick fix solution, rather, it is a lifestyle choice. Each of our pharmacies have fully trained Lifeslim advisors, giving great support to patients which is a hugely important factor in the success of the programme.”

Formulated with Omega 3, prebiotic fibre, and all the required vitamins and minerals, Lifeslim has two easy-to-follow programmes to choose from, Lifeslim ‘Complete’ and ‘Lifestyle’. The Lifeslim Complete Programme is tailored to those with at least 1.5 stones to lose. It is a total food replacement diet, meaning all meals are replaced with nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled meal replacements.

The Lifeslim Lifestyle Programme targets weight loss in addition to weight management. It involves replacing either one or two meals a day with a meal replacement, while contining to eat a regular meal at lunch or tea-time. Meal replacements are available in 11 different flavours, with more to be introduced.

For further information on how Lifeslim can help your weight loss, log onto, or contact your local pharmacy:

Coleman’s Pharmacy, Mardyke Street, Athlone. Tel (090 ) 6472568.

Holly’s Pharmacy, 7A Marina Point, Ballinasloe. Tel (090 ) 9645676.


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