Thinning hair is a hair raising concern in Ireland

National Thinning Hair Awareness Month - May 2010

A recent survey by Viviscal, the world-renowned hair nourishment programme from leading Irish natural healthcare company Lifes2good, indicates that 53 per cent of Irish women have suffered from thinning hair. The Viviscal Healthy Hair Survey found that of these women, 44 per cent state stress, 29 per cent work, and 24 per cent money worries as being the cause of their thinning hair. With the recession predicted to be here for some time, it appears Irish women need to take care of their hair!

Thinning hair cannot be dismissed as a minor problem. It can have very real and devastating effects on many aspects of life, including relationships. In the Viviscal Healthy Hair Survey, 33 per cent of women admitted to feeling less attractive and 37 per cent less confident because of their thinning hair.

This year Viviscal has teamed up with respected well known TV doctor Chris Steele to provide advice: “Thinning hair is both an emotional and physical problem and is much more common than people may think. There are many reasons why men and women may suffer from thinning hair, including our lifestyle habits. A lot of women may find they see a difference in the growth and thickness of their hair because of hormonal changes, after a period of stress, or poor diet. Often this can be just temporary thinning hair. If you notice your hair thinning or falling out you should always consult your GP. To support existing hair growth some people have found taking a nutritional supplement such as Viviscal helpful”.

A startling 74 per cent of men and women admitted to not using sun protection on their hair. Viviscal has just introduced a new fragrance-free, water-resistant Scalp Guard SPF25 to its range. Specifically formulated to protect the scalp and face from the sun, it is particularly suitable for people with fine, thinning, or close cut hair.

Thinning hair supplement specialist Viviscal is sponsoring National Thinning Hair Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of the issue and provide sufferers with advice and support to manage their thinning hair. Backed by TV personalities Sue Holderness, Jennie Bond, Cheryl Baker, and Celia Holman-Lee, all of whom have suffered from thinning hair, National Thinning Hair Awareness Month is also supported by a free consumer guide entitled ‘Heads Up’ available in pharmacies and health food stores.

Viviscal is now on promotion in McGorisks, Athlone Towncentre; McSharrys, Golden Island; Michelle Concannons; Health Express, Mullingar; Molloys, Roscommon; and Cooneys, Moate.


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