Blend away grey in five minutes!

Men have their own style, and to blend the grey from a man’s hair, you need techniques and products crafted specifically for him. That is why the official grooming supplier for men, American Crew, have now launched their first ever in-salon professional colour range, Precision Blend. The Irish launch of this fantastic new men’s colour product took place at MOHH, Athlone on Monday.

American Crew’s Precision Blend is designed to celebrate the fact that grey hair is a part of life by gently blending it away towards natural hair colour, in just five minutes. This contrasts with full coverage which may be too dark and severe against your natural skin tone.

There are four shades to choose from: Blend Light, Medium Ash, Medium Natural, and Dark, which are mixed with the Precision Blend Developer.

Precision Blend is a new system that comprises four unique techniques developed specifically for your client’s hair type:

Buffing - using a natural sponge, the buffing technique is right for guys with very short coarse or curly hair texture that stands vertically and is less than 1 inch in length;

Blocking - using a vent brush, the blocking technique is great for guys with hair longer than 1 inch;

Blading - a three-rowed, stiff-bristled comb is perfect for clients with an architectural, vertical hairstyle that’s 1-2 inches in length;

Blanketing - by using a hair colour brush, you’ll be able to achieve all-over grey blending for any hair length, any texture, any guy.

For an overall natural look, allow the grey to peek out at key areas such as the sideburns and temples.

For more information on the range visit, or contact MOHH Athlone at (090 ) 6476166.


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