Local business leaps from the ashes

Darrena nd Graínne of Studio93

Darrena nd Graínne of Studio93

It’s difficult to imagine that only six months ago Darren Doyle, owner of Studio93, was watching his office and business go up in flames. Studio93, a creative marketing agency, was one of the six businesses located in Roseland House, Moate that was destroyed by a fire in October.

“On the night of the fire I stood in front of Roseland House and wondered if this was the end of Studio93. All my computers, equipment, files, and documents were destroyed - not to mention the many thank you cards and memorabilia I received from clients and friends throughout the years. It was devastating,” describes Darren.

Now located on Church Street, Moate things look anything but “devastating”. Studio93 has gone from strength to strength, adding new functions to its business and gaining many new contracts. “I can’t believe how positive the outlook is particularly when compared to six months ago. After the fire I was determined that Studio93 would survive. I looked at ways to add value to the company and to my clients. I was unwavering in my belief that Studio93 would resurrect with a bang,” explains Darren.

Since the fire, not only have they moved location, Studio93 have added a marketing function and developed their existing design, print, and web departments. Gráinne Cornally heads up the marketing function. “I work closely with clients to ensure they achieve their business objectives. Each client has different objectives and therefore our strategies are tailored to suit the individual business. To put it simply if you want to successfully increase sales, footfall, awareness, or your online presence you need to talk to me,” explains Gráinne.

Studio93 have also introduced a quick quote function to their website. “We offer clients a competitive, free, and fast quote service. To obtain a free quote clients can go to our website www.studio93.ie and enter their details. They will receive a free quote in minutes,” explains Darren. “I’m delighted that we can offer clients a fully integrated marketing function from strategy right through to printing,” he continues.

Although there have been many changes in the last number of months, Studio93 still holds dear to its core principles of value for money and measurable results. “These principles are key to Studio93’s long-term success. We ensure clients receive real value for their money and that campaigns are driven by measurable results. With these principles at the forefront of all our campaigns it ensures success and happy clients,” explains Gráinne.

So what does the future hold for Studio93? “A holiday,” jokes Darren. He continues, “After the fire we took the opportunity to reassess the business and re-focus on clients’ needs. This led to the successful introduction of the marketing function along with improvements in other departments. We will continually look at our business, clients’ needs, and how we can add value to their business.”

For further information contact Studio93 on (090 ) 6482784 or log on to www.studio93.ie


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